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"Today we can finally envision a future in which open fires and dirty stoves are replaced by clean, efficient and affordable stoves and fuels all over the world. Clean stoves could be as transformative as bed nets or vaccines."

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  • Health

    Coal combustion causes major health problems and contributes significantly to the half a million premature deaths in China that are caused every year by heating and cooking with solid fuels.

  • Environment

    China's dependence on coal presents one of the most significant threats to climate stability today. Coal constitutes a staggering 71% of China’s energy consumption and one-third of Chinese households cook with coal on inefficient cookstoves.

  • Poverty

    Purchasing high cost coal to meet energy needs places undue financial burdens on rural households; families in some coal endemic Chinese provinces spend up to 18% of annual household income on fuel.

  • This project helps rural farmers in China to switch from coal to agricultural waste and renewable biomass for heating and cooking with improved stoves

  • An example of an improved stove that uses discarded corn cobs

  • Before and After picture of a household’s fuel supply. Each stove displaces nearly 2 tons of coal or more per year.

  • The improved stoves greatly reduce the amount of smoke inside the home, preventing health problems for families

  • A local villager tries out an improved stove during a demonstration

  • Local children playing (Shanxi Province, one of the project areas)


The Clean and Efficient Cooking and Heating Project is a fuel-switching and efficiency project operating in Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou Provinces. The Project reduces greenhouse gases by making available improved stoves that use excess agriculture residues (a 100% renewable fuel source), renewable wood, and improve the efficiency of coal consumption. By reducing coal consumption and substituting coal with renewable biomass, the project stoves reduce carbon emissions and reduce levels of exposure to indoor air pollution for end-users, and even arsenic and fluoride in some cases.. Impact Carbon works with local stove manufacturers, who conduct outreach in local communities to build awareness for the improved stoves in the market.

The greenhouse gas emissions avoided by this project are third-party verified, generating Gold StandardTM premium carbon credits.

Gold Standard
  • Impact Carbon supports local manufactures of improved stoves, helping them make more stoves with less resources, ultimately benefiting end-consumers

  • Improved stoves ready for shipping to local markets

  • Large delivery of improved stoves about to leave one of three project manufacturing partners

  • Live stove demonstrations are carried out in villages to create awareness on the benefits of owning an improved stove

  • Performing follow-up visits of improved stove customers to gauge satisfaction and stove performance

  • Measuring the carbon emission avoided by the project, which are third-party verified under the Gold Standard, generating premium quality carbon credits


Impact Carbon supports local NGOs and manufactures of improved cookstove in in Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou Provinces by connecting them to the international carbon market. Impact Carbon measures and monitors the emissions reductions achieved by the distribution and use of improved stoves in order to generate premium carbon credits using the Gold Standard. The revenue generated from the sale of these Gold Standard carbon credits is used by our partners to increase stove demand and production in order to scale-up positive impacts on poverty, health and the environment.



    The revenue from carbon credit sales has allowed our manufacturing partners to produce and sell over 145,000 improved stoves.


    Collectively, improved stove users are saving over $30 Million USD every year. These savings can be spent on food, medical care, small businesses, or elsewhere.


    Over 500,000 people across three Chinese provinces are benefiting from less indoor smoke, fuel cost savings and faster cooking times.


    To date, over 1.25 million tons of carbon dioxide emission have been avoided by this project

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