Marketing & Consumer Research

We have a passion for understanding developing country consumers and for evidence-based implementation. Palm Village Uganda Water Group SalesImpact Carbon assess local markets and conducts research into the drivers of technology sales and long term adoption by end users. We work closely with partners and clients to develop and manage social marketing and distribution strategies. We conduct market assessments that range from simple focus groups and test sales to randomized control trials.

Impact Carbon has a dedicated sales and marketing team in East Africa that conducts test marketing campaigns. Impact Carbon has also developed The Social Marketplace, The Social Marketplace an online resource for local enterprises which assists in improving sales and marketing systems. Impact Carbon conducts market research for our own projects and for clients.

Sales Testing

Impact Carbon has a sales team with experience rapidly implementing sales pilots that reveal customer willingness/ability to pay, customer reaction to messaging and Consumer Testing Stoves Ugandamarketing efforts, and the return on investment to advertising. Data from actual sales transactions in the developing world rather than surveys can provide a more accurate and nuanced view of customer behavior. 

Focus Groups and Customer Surveys

Impact Carbon also conducts research with prospective customers to improve product design, identify optimal marketing messages, and provide rough assessments of customer willingness to pay.  Through strategies identified during customer research projects, Impact Carbon has grown distribution of cookstoves in Uganda to more than 14,000 stoves per month.

Consumer Behavior Randomized Control Trials

Impact Carbon has conducted randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on consumer behavior. For information, please click here.

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