Low-Cost Carbon Finance

In addition to custom carbon project development services, Impact Carbon uses existing carbon projects to provide companies and NGOs with fast, low cost access to Voluntary Gold Standard and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) crediting through our StoveFinance and WaterFinance programs.

Our team has expertise in the inclusion of new cookstove and safe water programs to existing projects to allow more economical and faster generation of emission reductions for clients.  Impact Carbon provides clients with access to these programs, assisting with:

Access to Carbon Markets 

Revenue generated from the sale of these carbon emission reductions provides a unique opportunity for clients to generate a sustainable source of funding for program activities. This funding is used to facilitate program scale up and thus increase the number of program beneficiaries.

Access to Project Finance

Impact Carbon can support clients in securing financing and funding by brokering project investment, offtake agreements, and by pursuing grant funding.

Operational Strategies for Optimal Project Performance

Impact Carbon designs and supports the implementation of program plans with specific expertise in social marketing, product assessment, behavior change, consumer finance, sales and distribution.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Impact Carbon provides support to clients in the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation strategies to drive high quality program impact and optimize revenues from carbon finance.


Wood Piles

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