Impact Carbon works with a variety of investors and funders to scale up improved technology projects in developing countries. Impact Carbon carefully monitors the return on investment for partners, with a focus on project impact, sustainability and financial viability. As a non-profit, Impact Carbon leverages investments, grants and donations to achieve impact in developing countries. To learn more about investing in Impact Carbon’s work, please contact To make a donation, please click here.


Impact Carbon will work with you to achieve social and environmental impact in addition to financial return, providing you with a risk-averse strategy to maximizing returns through debt and convertable debt vehicles.  Impact Carbon will leverage your investment to provide consumer finance solutions for end users in developing countries, ensuring affordabiliity of and access to safe water technologies and improved cookstoves for poor households, hospitals and schools. Investment is also used to provide loans to small scale entrepreneurs, building local capacity over time to increase dissemination of healthy and efficient technologies. 


As a non profit organization with a social mission, grant funding and donations enable us to pilot innovative and vital new project approaches and technologies for maximum social and environmental impact. The Impact Carbon team will work closely with you or your organization to ensure that your contribution is directed towards project activities which best meet your philanthropic objectives, and ensure maximum social impact. Impact Carbon will also provide regular information about the performance and impacts of the project(s) which you or your organization is supporting.